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Who is Larz From Mars?

Actor, on air personality.

Member of SAG-Aftra since 1995.

Larz from Mars is a name created by Lawrence Joseph LaComa (Larz LaComa) while attending Thomas Jefferson H.S. in Fairfax, Virginia. Later, while attending Northern Virginia Community College to study Accounting and Computer Sciences, Larz discovered that free coffee was available in the campus TV studios. After two weeks of consuming their coffee on a daily basis, Larz was approached by the Station Manager and was told, If you're going keep drinking our coffee you will have to do some work around here.

Larz started taking Television Production classes and working on shows. Although he loved doing this kind of work, he was warned by friends and family that careers in the television Industry are very competitive. Larz had fun working on TV shows and thought he would work in TV as a hobby. However, one day Larz realized that all careers are very competitive, and he said, Damn the competition! I want to have fun for a living. The Larz From Mars Show started production and became very popular in the Washington DC area.

Attention from the show opened doors for Larz to receive more and more freelance video production work. One of his clients was Inova Fairfax Hospital's Media Center, where he became a full-time employee from 1990 until 1995. Larz then went to work as a television production specialist for Deutsche Welle (DW-TV), a global broadcaster funded by the German Government. Larz continues to work in television to this day, happy to have followed his true calling.

More About the Larz From Mars Show

The Larz From Mars Show has been thrilling audiences since 1987. The TV show is a wacky, off-the-wall, anything goes, fly by the seat of your pants comedic endeavor. Shows were recorded live, and interviews were totally improvised. Larz discovered that shows where no one knew what was going to happen next were more compelling to watch. Guests include local musicians, actors, artists, and people who just wanted to be on TV - talent optional. As a taxi cab driver, Larz would find passengers that wanted to be on the show and literally take them from the back seat of the cab to the TV studio. Larz knew and repeatedly said, Real people want to watch real TV, not brain-dead hose-bags reading teleprompters.

The show received many favorable reviews and recognition by the press, including USA Today, The Washington Post, and People Magazine, to name just a few. Larz From Mars has been interviewed, or had clips of his show, featured on Entertainment Tonight, 48 Hours, Maury Povich, and other TV shows. The Larz From Mars Show continues to be thrilling to this day. Stay tuned for new and old episodes to be made available on the Larz From Mars Show YouTube page.

Larz From Mars Productions

Larz From Mars is an accomplished cameraman, editor, audio engineer, lighting specialist, and TV show producer. He has been working in the industry for over 30 years. Larz From Mars has done it all: corporate and medical training films, documentaries, special event recording, production of radio and TV shows, including international newscasts.

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